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Brent Cross Town Hoarding – Employee Spotlight

Galldris Staff Featured on Hoarding for Brent Cross Town Development.

As part of an initiative to promote careers in the construction industry, local people working on the Brent Cross Town development are featured on the hoarding, including Galldris staff Belul Mesfin, an Assistant Construction Manager, and Ciaran Guthrie, a Groundworker apprentice.

The Brent Cross Town Project aims to recruit local people for the development and building of the site. Galldris has already recruited two graduates, six apprentices, and other site/office staff, reflecting its commitment to the project’s goals.

John Bryson, Welfare, Employment, and Skills Programme Manager at Barnet council, praised Galldris for its contributions, stating that “Galldris have been one of the key developers leading the charge in training, apprenticeships, and innovation in Barnet. Their investment in supporting apprenticeships for local residents provides a great model for others to follow.”

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