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Expanding our Plant Fleet

We have adding extensively to our fleet recently with the purchase of ten Dual View truck dumpers, sixteen standard forward tipping dumpers, twenty 14/20t Excavators as well as twenty Mini (<6t) /Midi (6-10t) Excavators.

As can be seen in the pictures below we have taken delivery of the first part of this order and look forward to receiving the remainder of this order over the coming weeks/months.

Reducing risk

With Dual View truck dumpers, the operator is always looking in the travelling direction. They always have the working area and route in view as there is no longer any need to turn after loading or unloading the skip. This significantly reduces the risks associated with the entire material transport process.

Investing in technology

All Galldris excavators are fitted with the latest 360 cameras allowing full visibility at all times and greatly improving people plant interface safety. These also have operative detection, which means an alarm in the cab will go off should anyone stray into the slewing zone of the machine.

Technology & training

All of these new additions are equipped with the latest engine technologies which improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a company, we are always seeking sustainable solutions, in our efforts to minimise waste, reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet’s resources. This is one of the many measures that we are implementing to reduce the carbon emissions associated with the construction industry and project delivery.

Speaking about the modernisation of the fleet, Managing Director Sean O’ Driscoll said: “It is vital that we offer our clients choice, availability and above all quality. As well as investing in our fleet, we are continually investing in our people, ensuring that they receive the knowledge and support so we can continue to offer our clients a first-class service.”

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