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Green Day – Cycling to work or so it seems?!

As I have moved house from being a 7 miles’ distance from Galldris to a 14 miles’ distance in Harlow, I decided I would have to change my mode of transport from an ordinary push bike. So, I decided to weigh up different options of travel, from a car, a motorbike, trains, I then thought about all of the insurance costs at my age and the expensive train fairs id have to pay. I didn’t want to lose the benefits that a push bike brings, such as not always having to face dangerous busy roads or getting constantly stuck in traffic. So, it occurred to me to buy an electric bike, I could ride on paths or roads this way and can travel longer distances easier and faster without constantly being tired from traveling so far, every day. My bike has a 1000W motor at 48ah, that allows me to travel at speeds of up to around 35mph, which is very fast on a bike. I can still pedal on my bike if I want though as I’m able to change how much the motor helps me cycle, ranging from no help to help setting 5, although I haven’t currently needed to go past setting 1.

Lastly, the best feature of all in my opinion is the included thumb throttle which allows me to travel without any pedaling at all, coming in very handy at traffic lights, roundabouts, and hills. All of this, without having to pay tax, insurance, road tax, or even fuel, only having to charge electricity for a few hours between use. In conclusion, now I can get to work fast without emitting any harmful fossil fuels, for a fraction of the price of getting a Car or a Motorbike.