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Galldris Crossrail Hayes & Harlington

Crossrail West

The Challenge

The Crossrail West Station Project was a design and build NR12 contract for fourteen station sites from Acton to Maidenhead on the Great Western line. The modifications to the stations were to accommodate the operation of the new 205m long Crossrail trains. The project increased station facilities, with longer, wider, constructed platforms and new revise canopies, stair access arrangements to new footbridges and accessibility lift shafts thereby improving access for increased commuter capacity.

Developing temporary works design-solutions were on essential ingredient to enable reinforced concrete lift shafts and bridge foundations to be constructed on narrow platforms whilst enabling pedestrian flows to be maintained during peak and off-peak hours. The challenges were undertaking major alterations to station infrastructure on busy live rail. Working around existing known and unknown station signal services. Managing tight daily programs whilst at times having limited access availability. The use of light weight polystyrene bridges were used to allow quick and safe access for construction plant between platforms.


Vinci & Taylor Woodrow

Galldris Value



  • Basements
  • Groundworks
  • Rail
  • RC Frames
  • Tunnelling


2 Years


Galldris Crossrail

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Crossrail West

The Galldris Difference

The works were completed during peak/off-peak hours and during weekend Possession times. Demolishment of old platforms and instalments over weekends. Rebuilding widening and extending over a 1000 meters of platforms. Installation of new Cubis ducting & new SIS/DOO bases to all platforms. Installation of platform lift pit shafts and cross platforms bridge foundations. Steel reinforced concrete foundations, platform wall blockwork, new services ducting, new copers, tactile tiles and Tarmac painted finish.


Vinci & Taylor Woodrow

Galldris Value:



2 years