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Fionn O’Brien – World GAA Games Derry

Galldris send our congratulations to Fionn O’Brien, our QS Apprentice working on our HS2 project at Burton Green, on being part of the winning team of the International Cup at the World GAA games in Derry.

Over 2000 players across 100 teams from 10 regions recently came together for the GAA World Games in Derry.

Fionn O’Brien and his brother Deaglan were members of Sean McDermott’s GAA homegrown panel representing Great Britain. They played eight games, undefeated against teams from Spain, France, Argentina, Canada, America, and Australia. They won the International Cup beating France 1:07 –1:04 in the final.

Fionn commented on the games: “It was great representing GB and Sean McDermott’s alongside my brother. It was a new experience, from playing huge teams like Australia to fast technical teams like Argentina; I am proud of how well we showed the level of football played in Birmingham. It also shows how big the Gaelic football is over here now.”

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