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Highpoint Prison Sensory Garden

Galldris are delighted to have supported the Highpoint Prison Project in collaboration with VolkerFitzpatrick that helped deliver the prison’s first sensory garden, which will provide a calming environment for prisoners and staff alike.

Construction of the sensory garden began in 2019, and was a collaborative effort, between volunteers, Highpoint prisoners and prison officials to excavate the existing grounds and develop the site.

This project began as part of the prison’s rehabilitation and behavioural change programme, which supports prisoners throughout their sentence, to help better prepare them for their return to society, post-release.

The garden includes a water feature, set amongst a landscaped garden, with winding walkways and raised bedding, and multiple sensory elements, including hanging chimes to create sound, aromatic plants releasing fragrance, and a variety of plants and textures to touch and feel.

The project also provided further learning and skills development for prisoners, who built garden furniture, such as crafting benches and arbours in the prison’s workshop

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