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HS2 A429 PT Beams – Project Update

Galldris have achieved a major achievement on our HS2 project working collaboratively with Balfour Beatty VINCI. The first PT Beams have been successfully installed on the A429 near Kenilworth.

This installation involved installing beams weighing 65 tons each. These were installed using a 500-ton crane, which was expertly utilised to ensure precision and safety throughout the entire process.

One of the most critical aspects of our project was managing the significant risks associated with work at height. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Niall Hartnett, our Works Foreman, and the entire team, we not only met the challenge but surpassed it, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency were maintained.

Project Manager, Matt Degg, commented on the achievement, saying, “Niall and his dedicated team working collaboratively with BBV have shown remarkable diligence in achieving this significant milestone by successfully installing the 65-tonne PT Beams, the first to be installed within Sublot 2B. They adeptly navigated and surmounted challenges inherent in the installation process, particularly in areas of heightened risk such as Work at Height and Heavy Lifting Operations. Leveraging our extensive experience in this specialised field, the operation was efficiently executed with all associated risks effectively managed. The site maintained a professional appearance and was well managed, earning positive feedback from both our esteemed clients and representatives from HS2 during their visits.”

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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