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London Shine Walk – September 23rd

London Shine Walk 2023

On Saturday 23rd September, the Galldris team of Tom Kerins, Gerry Darby, Andrew Poiner, Felix Tancau and Kelmend Bala took part in the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) London Half Marathon Shine Walk.

Starting at 11pm, they completed the walk in just under 4 hours, finishing at 3am.🙌🏽

It was wonderful to see everyone come together and take part in this incredible event in support of Cancer Research UK.

Cancer has touched the lives of countless individuals, families, and friends. Here at Galldris, we believe in raising awareness of this awful disease and helping fund Cancer Research UK.

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Every pound you donate makes a difference to Cancer Research UK’s ground-breaking work. Regular contributions help almost 4,000 researchers, clinicians, and nurses revolutionise how we prevent, detect, and treat cancer, giving hope to millions of patients now and in the future.

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