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Greenford Quay

Project Introduction

The Greystar Greenford development will be a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood of 1900 units on the banks of the historic Grand Union canal, built on the former GlaxoSmithKline and Sunblest Bakery site, it will bring the currently derelict 20.3-acre site back to life. Galldris will act as principle contractor on a design and build contract for the infrastructure works commencing in June 2018. The work will include the remediation of the former industrial land and the excavation of some 80,000m3 of terrain. This terrain will be recycled on site to create terraced landscapes with extensive retaining walls. Giving this development a unique appearance.


A 3-month PCSA contract was entered during which stage 3 to 4 design was developed and costs were firmed up to a Lump sum ALL risk.  During the PCSA period the Clients requirements changed from the tender ER’S with regards to sequence and plot hand over dates. In this regard Galldris worked with the Greystar team to adapt the programme and sequence of work to enable the Clients revised requirements to be met. The PCSA period extended by 2 months with mutual consent and at no additional cost to the Client.


Other constraints such as the date when the Client would obtain licences from the CRT (Canal River trust) were unknown at the end of the PCSA, therefore the potential for variances in date were written into the Final Contract. By this means the Client could make meaningful decisions knowing that there was a pre-agreed programme and financial outcome.


Greystar were happy with the flexible approach Galldris adopted in the PCSA and in agreeing the Contract. The works commenced in June 2018.


Galldris Value



  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Groundworks
  • Utilities
  • Landscaping


74 weeks 2018

Images 2019

What Galldris Delivered

Our works will include 360m length of canal wall and a new footbridge over the Grand Union Canal. We will be Micro-tunnelling below the water for utility connections to the works south of the canal. We are constructing a new state of the art energy centre to service the development along with all it’s associated infrastructure requirements. Galldris will engage with the design teams for delivery of this project while coordinating other contractors.


Galldris will also deliver the main arterial roads, paving, utilities, foul and water drainage for this scheme. The work will include the remediation of the former industrial land and the excavation of some 80,000m3 of spoil. This Spoil will be recycled on site to create terraced landscapes with extensive retaining walls, giving this development a unique appearance.

From the outset, we were impressed with Galldris’ nononsense, pragmatic approach and their cost effective proposals. They worked diligently throughout the Greenford Infrastructure 2nd Stage Tender period under a PCSA, developing a clear set of detailed proposals for straightforward agreement, whilst protecting Greystar’s position, ensuring every effort was made to minimise design risk and scope gaps and ultimately presenting comprehensive contract proposals. It’s a pleasure to work with them and in the knowledge that their owners are hands-on and committed to doing the best job they can do.

Lee Hawkins

Director Project Management


  • A wealth of new amenities for residents and the local community alike
  • Local shops and workspaces, a grocery store, restaurants, cafes, proposed cinema and offices
  • Attractive, curated public open spaces, including a landmark central square
  • New connections through Greenford, including the reopening of Berkeley Avenue
  • A new pedestrian bridge over the Grand Union Canal
  • A new two form entry primary school and accommodation for a new on-site healthcare centre and local cinema
  • The creation of around 1,200 onsite jobs beyond the construction phase

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Greenford Quay