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World Suicide Prevention Day – September 10th

For the month of September, here at Galldris we strive to support those suffering from suicide and mental health. Each week we will be discussing different topics to help inform and educate people of the ongoing struggle of suicide within the construction industry.

Twenty years ago, the International Association for Suicide Prevention established “World Suicide Prevention Day” on September 10th, 2003.

World Suicide Prevention Day continues to grow year on year, with recent years seeing the day observed in more than 60 countries with hundreds of events ranging from educational and commemorative events to press briefings and public conferences.

In 2014, WHO (World Health Organization) commented on the prevention day’s effectiveness, stating, “This day has spurred campaigns both nationally and locally and has contributed to raising awareness and reducing stigma”.

But what can we do to inspire confidence in those who are struggling?
📞Talk – Open communication channels.
🤝Impact – Share resources and take part in campaigns.

Look out for more posts to follow in the upcoming month.

For more information regarding World Suicide Prevention Day, visit:

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